About Us
SpringerTool doesn't mean cresent-wrenches and screw-drivers.  This is a new company dedicated to the development, production, and, marketing of specialty products in several widely diverse areas:
1. Home auto-mechanic'ing
2. Firearms and related accessories
3. Electro-optics
4. Old-time radios

The idea is to bring to market some simple
solutions to problems I have encountered
in my career work and my hobbies.  For the
visitors who aren't buying,  this site will, also,
be a resource of tech-info, tips, and, help,
shared from all of our hair-pulling experiences
in these areas.

My training is in Electronic Engineering,
but my hobbies mostly get my hands
dirty and callused.  My little hunting wagon,
a Jeep CJ7, got me going on the
pilot-bushing tool.  My Dad was a rifle-smith,
so I have a little of that blood in me, too. 

My company is starting out doing tools for the home-garage auto-mechanic and small-operation machinist.  The pilot-bushing removal tool is the first.  On the drawing board are several other automotive tools, and, a simple dial-indicator fixture for a milling-machine quill-feed.

I am now designing a wireless, video-linked spotting scope for long range target-shooters;  This is really nifty.... 1/09 project is on-hold ... too busy 

Also....I have a nifty little wireless device that offers an improvement to measuring bullet speed.  It works in concert  with existing products already out there.  Prototyping is STILL in-process... 1/09.

More things are on the list, (old-time radios) but, I am concentrating, initially, on the  mentioned stuff..., unless, you, out there, would like to get me interested in one of your ideas.  Give a hollar!!